This Week Rocks October 19th-25th


10/19 – Jumpcuts @ Mag Bar
10/19 – Jazz Night with Don Krekel Orchestra @ Laughing Derby

10/20 – Mipso @ Zanzabar
10/20 – The Lucky Dutch @ New Vintage

10/21 – Daphne Lee Martin @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar
10/21 – Ed Kowalczyk (of Live) @ Bomhard Theater
10/21 – Reformed Whores @ Laughing Derby
10/21 – Dave Liebman @ Clifton Center

10/22 – Pimps of Joytime @ Headliners
10/22 – Tom Simmons @ Laughing Derby
10/22 – The Same Game @ The Bard’s Town
10/22 – The Bard’s Town Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town
10/22 – Bo Reardon @ New Vintage (early show)
10/22 – D.L. Marble (late show)

10/23 – Andy Mineo @ Mercury Ballroom
10/23 – The League of Ordinary Gentlemen @ Gallery K
10/23 – Tom Simmons @ Laughing Derby
10/23 – Randall Bramblett Band @ Headliners
10/23 – Howell Dawdy @ Zanzabar
10/23 – The Bard’s Town Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town
10/23 – Louisville Improvisors @ The Bard’s Town

10/24 – Mac Miller @ Mercury Ballroom
10/24 – Maiden Radio @ Highlands Community Campus
10/24 – Third Eye Blind @ Brown Theater
10/24 – Tom Simmons @ Laughing Derby
10/24 – Family Dog @ Zanzabar
10/24 – The Bard’s Town Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town
10/24 – Improv Anonymous @ The Bard’s Town
10/24 – Project Improv @ The Bard’s Town
10/24 – Big Quiet @ New Vintage

10/25 – Cold Fronts @ Zanzabar
10/25 – The Lone Bellow @ Mercury Ballroom
10/25 – Mushroomhead @ Diamonds (Highlands)
10/25 – Jacob Williams @ Laughing Derby
10/25 – The Tightest Kids You Know Denver Comedy Fall Tour 2015 @ Gallery K
10/25 – David Sedaris @ Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
10/25 – The Bard’s Town Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town

10 Best & Worst Effing Bars in Louisville

Top 10 Best Bars in Louisville

The Back Door bar.

01.  The Back Door – The Back Door Pour.  Enough said.

02.  Brownie’s The Shed – What it lacks in ambiance it more than makes up for in great prices, awesome staff, and a chill crowd.

03.  Sergio’s World Beers – It’s the best hidden gem in the city, if you don’t already know where it is then you probably have no business being there anyway.

04.  Four Pegs – Great beer selection, great food, great patio…what more is there to love?

05.  Amy Z’s – 2 for $1 Jell-o shots all the time…why aren’t you already there?  Not to mention the fact that at some point in your life you should probably meet Amy, she is a one of a kind bundle of awesome.

06.  Zanzabar – One of the best live music venues in the city and they don’t gouge you on drink prices, not to mention they have pinball machines and retro video games.

07.  Fern & Moody’s – It’s all in their slogan:  “Smoke crack, worship Satan, and fuck midgets.”

Gerstle’s on a weekend night in St. Matthew’s.

08.  Gerstle’s – Killer patio and great live music.  The Merry Pranksters, anyone?

09.  Hill Top Tavern – Great signature cocktails, laid back atmosphere, and The Walking Dead parties.

10.  Silver Dollar – Bourbon.  Lots and lots of bourbon.  Bourbon on top of bourbon.  In addition to bourbon they serve Chicken & Waffles.

The 10 Worst Effing Bars in Louisville

01.  4th Street Live – All of it.  The whole damn place.  The people that hang-out there are the stuff that nightmares are made of, and everything in the place is gross and sticky like some back alley porn shop.

02.  Tin Roof – It’s an overpriced east end version of 4th Street Live.

03.  Baxter’s – It’s an overpriced Highlands version of 4th Street Live.


04.  Cahoots – Read a newspaper.

05.  Mr. G’s – In theory it should work, but the layout with an excessively large bar in the center of the room makes the place frustrating to navigate when there is any kind of a crowd.  In addition, their shady past with drugs and violence…ugh.

06.  R Place – Shootings and stabbings and fights, oh my!

07.  Hideaway – Their covers are always too high, their bands are too loud for the small room, takes forever to get service, and their bartenders smell like patchouli.

08.  Patrick O’Shea’s (Downtown) – On the weekends it’s not sure if it wants to be a restaurant, Irish pub, or night club.

09.  Drake’s – They are trying to be a hipster, sushi serving hotspot and Hooters, both at the same time.

10.  The Highland Taproom – Ok, there’s really nothing wrong with The Highland Taproom; it’s just that the old Highland Taproom was so damn great the new one pales in comparison.

Review: Diarrhea Planet @ Zanzabar


Diarrhea Planet the best band with the worst name on the planet, crushed Zanzabar last night.  Their concise set shot off full throttle with a healthy dose of punk rock “I don’t give a eff attitude” all the way through the bitter end.

Their four guitar assault had people literally hanging from the ceiling, including guitarist Brent Toler, who was hanging upside down from the rafters playing his guitar solo upside down.  It was high energy madness in one of the city’s finest rock clubs.  The set last just under an hour, which generally seems short for a headlining set, but the band left nothing on-stage, by the end the crowd was so exhausted I don’t think they could’ve taken much more if they’d wanted to.

The band’s setlist included crowd favorites like:  “Kids,” “White Girls (student of the blues, part 1),” and “Emmet’s Vision.”

Local band Brenda opened the show with their percussive brand of garage rock that always makes for a  fun show.  Their songs are a stretch on the surreal that exist somewhere between early White Stripes and the mid-90’s genius of Yoko Ono.

This Week Effing Rocks 10/12-10/18


10/12 – Sanctuary @Expo 5

10/13 – Josh Groban @ The Palace

10/14 – Cedric Burnside Project @ New Vintage

10/14 – Lera Lynn @ Headliners

10/14 – Louden Wainwright III @ Clifton Center

10/15 – Maiden Radio @ Louis the Ton

10/15 – Twizted @ Expo 5

10/15 – Andy Pitz @ Laughing Derby

10/15 – Bard Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town

10/16 – Joey Bada$$ @ Mercury Ballroom

10/16 – Matt and Kim @ UofL (downtown campus)

10/16 – The Suffers @ Zanzabar

10/16 – Andy Pitz @ Laughing Derby

10/16 – Va Va Vixens present Va Va Vortex @ Art Sanctuary

10/16 – Bard Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town

10/17 – The Beach Boys @The Palace

10/17 – Paula Poundstone @ Kentucky Center for the Arts

10/17 – Va Va Vortex presents Va Va Vortex @ Art Sanctuary

10/17 – Indigo Girls @ KCD Theater

10/17 – Andy Pitz @ Laughing Derby

10/17 – Bard Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town

10/18 – All-Star Comedy Show @ Laughing Derby

10/18 – Indigo Girls KCD Theater

10/18 – Bard Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town

Review: Father John Misty @ The Palace


It’s no secret that Father John Misty (alter ego of Joshua Tillman) is the new Hipster Jesus with an acerbic tongue and cunning wit.  All of which he brought with him to the stage at The Palace Theater Thursday night.  Attacking the stage with an ironic sense of narcissism and overzealous performance – and yet Misty spent most of the show hidden from the audience by shadow.

The set was tight – his band sharp and on-point from beginning end.  The show opened with the title track from his latest album “I Love You, Honeybear,” and proceeded to focus a lot on that material, playing 10 of the 11 songs off the record.  He also managed to pull-out over half of his critically acclaimed debut album “Fear Fun.”

The band played rousing renditions of fan favorites like “I’m Writing a Novel,” “Fun Times in Babylon,” and “This is Sally Hatchet.”  The show really took off when the band dug into the newer material with stunning version of “When You’re Smiling Astride Me.”  And the emotional intensity of “Bored in the U.S.A.” is hard to ignore as he lament’s the lies told to an entire generation of suburban kids who didn’t inherit the world they were promised.  Finally, they ended the set with an explosive rendition of “The Ideal Husband” – by the time they wrapped the song in a rising crescendo I could barely breathe.

The encore break began with Misty on-stage alone chatting with and taking questions from the audience – his sense of humor is brilliant, and it felt more like an improvised stand-up routine.  Then the band joined him on-stage to end the night with “I Went to the Store One Day” and “Every Man Needs a Companion.”

In the end his set was a brilliant Cinema Verte-esque performance with the right balance of musicianship, satire, and sarcasm all live on-stage, drawing out the juxtaposing concepts that have made Father John Misty’s first two albums millennial classics.

Opening act Tess & Dave were so uninspired and cliche that their set was little more than a waste of time, in fact, I’ve probably already wasted too many words on them.