Jimmy Can’t Dance


As Insider Louisville reported yesterday, we are incredibly excited to hear about a new underground jazz club opening soon. We at Louisville Effing Rocks were ecstatic, being jazz enthusiasts. However, we’re left with a string of cautionary tales fraught with failed attempts at jazz venues in recent memory.

Louisville has a rich history in jazz. It was a regular stop as players would work their way from New Orleans, to Memphis, through St. Louis, over to Louisville, up to Indianapolis, and finally Chicago. Guys like Cannonball Adderley and Coleman Hawkins, as well as classic voices like Ella Fitzgerald played here regularly in numerous downtown clubs like: Club Neon, Palm Room, and Top Hat. Rooms where people in surrounding working class neighborhoods would gather and listen to the music they loved.

Currently a lot of local restaurants and bars are hosting “Jazz Nights,” but most of these places are pricey, and are hardly amenable to the working class roots of jazz as an art form. And with spaces like The Jazz Factory who priced themselves out of the market, through expensive cover charges, expensive cocktails.

So, it is this writer’s hope that as they move forward with Johnny Can’t Dance, which I am genuinely excited about, that they will remember the working class roots of the music they obviously aim to pay tribute to and the fans who long to support the music.


This Week Rocks October 19th-25th


10/19 – Jumpcuts @ Mag Bar
10/19 – Jazz Night with Don Krekel Orchestra @ Laughing Derby

10/20 – Mipso @ Zanzabar
10/20 – The Lucky Dutch @ New Vintage

10/21 – Daphne Lee Martin @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar
10/21 – Ed Kowalczyk (of Live) @ Bomhard Theater
10/21 – Reformed Whores @ Laughing Derby
10/21 – Dave Liebman @ Clifton Center

10/22 – Pimps of Joytime @ Headliners
10/22 – Tom Simmons @ Laughing Derby
10/22 – The Same Game @ The Bard’s Town
10/22 – The Bard’s Town Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town
10/22 – Bo Reardon @ New Vintage (early show)
10/22 – D.L. Marble (late show)

10/23 – Andy Mineo @ Mercury Ballroom
10/23 – The League of Ordinary Gentlemen @ Gallery K
10/23 – Tom Simmons @ Laughing Derby
10/23 – Randall Bramblett Band @ Headliners
10/23 – Howell Dawdy @ Zanzabar
10/23 – The Bard’s Town Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town
10/23 – Louisville Improvisors @ The Bard’s Town

10/24 – Mac Miller @ Mercury Ballroom
10/24 – Maiden Radio @ Highlands Community Campus
10/24 – Third Eye Blind @ Brown Theater
10/24 – Tom Simmons @ Laughing Derby
10/24 – Family Dog @ Zanzabar
10/24 – The Bard’s Town Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town
10/24 – Improv Anonymous @ The Bard’s Town
10/24 – Project Improv @ The Bard’s Town
10/24 – Big Quiet @ New Vintage

10/25 – Cold Fronts @ Zanzabar
10/25 – The Lone Bellow @ Mercury Ballroom
10/25 – Mushroomhead @ Diamonds (Highlands)
10/25 – Jacob Williams @ Laughing Derby
10/25 – The Tightest Kids You Know Denver Comedy Fall Tour 2015 @ Gallery K
10/25 – David Sedaris @ Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
10/25 – The Bard’s Town Theater presents:  Crooked @ The Bard’s Town