Jimmy Can’t Dance


As Insider Louisville reported yesterday, we are incredibly excited to hear about a new underground jazz club opening soon. We at Louisville Effing Rocks were ecstatic, being jazz enthusiasts. However, we’re left with a string of cautionary tales fraught with failed attempts at jazz venues in recent memory.

Louisville has a rich history in jazz. It was a regular stop as players would work their way from New Orleans, to Memphis, through St. Louis, over to Louisville, up to Indianapolis, and finally Chicago. Guys like Cannonball Adderley and Coleman Hawkins, as well as classic voices like Ella Fitzgerald played here regularly in numerous downtown clubs like: Club Neon, Palm Room, and Top Hat. Rooms where people in surrounding working class neighborhoods would gather and listen to the music they loved.

Currently a lot of local restaurants and bars are hosting “Jazz Nights,” but most of these places are pricey, and are hardly amenable to the working class roots of jazz as an art form. And with spaces like The Jazz Factory who priced themselves out of the market, through expensive cover charges, expensive cocktails.

So, it is this writer’s hope that as they move forward with Johnny Can’t Dance, which I am genuinely excited about, that they will remember the working class roots of the music they obviously aim to pay tribute to and the fans who long to support the music.

10 Best & Worst Effing Bars in Louisville

Top 10 Best Bars in Louisville

The Back Door bar.

01.  The Back Door – The Back Door Pour.  Enough said.

02.  Brownie’s The Shed – What it lacks in ambiance it more than makes up for in great prices, awesome staff, and a chill crowd.

03.  Sergio’s World Beers – It’s the best hidden gem in the city, if you don’t already know where it is then you probably have no business being there anyway.

04.  Four Pegs – Great beer selection, great food, great patio…what more is there to love?

05.  Amy Z’s – 2 for $1 Jell-o shots all the time…why aren’t you already there?  Not to mention the fact that at some point in your life you should probably meet Amy, she is a one of a kind bundle of awesome.

06.  Zanzabar – One of the best live music venues in the city and they don’t gouge you on drink prices, not to mention they have pinball machines and retro video games.

07.  Fern & Moody’s – It’s all in their slogan:  “Smoke crack, worship Satan, and fuck midgets.”

Gerstle’s on a weekend night in St. Matthew’s.

08.  Gerstle’s – Killer patio and great live music.  The Merry Pranksters, anyone?

09.  Hill Top Tavern – Great signature cocktails, laid back atmosphere, and The Walking Dead parties.

10.  Silver Dollar – Bourbon.  Lots and lots of bourbon.  Bourbon on top of bourbon.  In addition to bourbon they serve Chicken & Waffles.

The 10 Worst Effing Bars in Louisville

01.  4th Street Live – All of it.  The whole damn place.  The people that hang-out there are the stuff that nightmares are made of, and everything in the place is gross and sticky like some back alley porn shop.

02.  Tin Roof – It’s an overpriced east end version of 4th Street Live.

03.  Baxter’s – It’s an overpriced Highlands version of 4th Street Live.


04.  Cahoots – Read a newspaper.

05.  Mr. G’s – In theory it should work, but the layout with an excessively large bar in the center of the room makes the place frustrating to navigate when there is any kind of a crowd.  In addition, their shady past with drugs and violence…ugh.

06.  R Place – Shootings and stabbings and fights, oh my!

07.  Hideaway – Their covers are always too high, their bands are too loud for the small room, takes forever to get service, and their bartenders smell like patchouli.

08.  Patrick O’Shea’s (Downtown) – On the weekends it’s not sure if it wants to be a restaurant, Irish pub, or night club.

09.  Drake’s – They are trying to be a hipster, sushi serving hotspot and Hooters, both at the same time.

10.  The Highland Taproom – Ok, there’s really nothing wrong with The Highland Taproom; it’s just that the old Highland Taproom was so damn great the new one pales in comparison.