An Interview with Alex Reymundo


Ron White
w/ Alex Reymundo
January 22nd
The Palace Theater
8:00 PM

What would you do when your best friend of twenty-five years is Ron White, one of the biggest comedians in the world, and tells you he’s going to marry your sister?  Well, as Alex Reymundo recalls with a laugh, “We were sitting on his plane at the time, so there wasn’t a whole lot I could say.”  Reymundo and White started their careers together as small time comics in Texas, playing dives and bars all over the country together.  So, a few years ago, when White married his sister he officially became family.  By then Reymundo had already settled down with a Kentucky girl and moved to Louisville, but they remain close and perform together all of the time, including this Friday, a homecoming of sorts for Reymundo when he opens for Ron White at The Palace Theater.

LER:  Are you excited to get to do a hometown show with Ron?
Alex Reymundo:  I am.  It’s always fun to play a place as nice as The Palace.  I guess, it’s nice for all the people that know me to play a place that prestigious, because it kind of elevates what I do.  People will be like:  “Wow, you’re playing The Palace.”  When in reality it’s Ron White playing The Palace, I’m just fortunate enough to get to open for him.

LER:  You’ve started the Alex Reymundo Great American Mic-Off on Wednesdays at Laughing Derby, where did that idea come from?
AR:  The tequila company has kept me so busy the past two years I’ve kinda neglected writing, I’ll still come up with some stuff, but not near as much as I had prior.  So I made a commitment to Laughing Derby that I was going to be there every Wednesday working new stuff out.  I love open-mics, for five bucks you can see pros, amateurs, and first timers – every level of comedy on one show.  And plus, I’m working on a new special.


LER:  What’s the new special going to be?
AR:  I don’t know yet (laughs), I haven’t had enough Wednesdays yet.

LER:  Have your kids show any interest in going into comedy?
AR:  My daughter has said she thinks it would be an interesting experience to go up and do it on stage, and she’s not short on opinions, I’d love to see that.  But I don’t think for a second it’s anything either of them would want to do for a living.  And yet I would really love to see my daughter do it, she’s seventeen, she’s just now forming her own opinions – so I’d like to get her up there and let her get her thoughts, let her see what she thinks about what she thinks.

LER:  Will your kids get to come out to see Dad and Uncle Ron talk dirty on stage?
AR:  They’re old enough now, sure – I’m going to say yes.

LER:  Do they get surprised by what you say when your performing?
AR:  I wanna trade places with them for a day, to get their perspective.  I know my daughter’s class, the teacher was like, “Your dad’s a comedian we’re going to show some of his stuff on t.v for the class.”  I don’t know what they were studying that they’d wanna see that, but my daughter was the voice of reason and was like:  “I don’t know if you know it, but my dad’s a little inappropriate for school.”  As much as loves me and is proud of what I do, and proud of who I am – I don’t know that she’s proud of everything I say.  This younger generation is very, very politically correct, and in my opinion it’s because they don’t know the world yet; but I like to find the humor in things.

LER:  Do they ever get upset by the things you say?
AR:  I have nice little arrangement with my kids.  I get to say what I want about their mother or them when I’m onstage, and they get to continue to eat.  (Laughs)

LER:  Do they watch any comedy?
AR:  My daughter has been digging a lot of comedy specials recently on Netflix, so I asked her who her Top 5 favorite comics were.  She listed them and it was a good list, a lot of funny people on it – I was a little surprised the comic that’s fed her, her entire life didn’t make the list…you’d think that guys would make the goddamned list.


LER:  As the owner of Number Juan Tequila and Louisville resident, doesn’t the idea of a Kentucky based tequila seem as ridiculous as a Mexico based bourbon?
AR:  Our headquarters is here, this is where the business is based out of.  But make no mistake the tequila has to be grown, harvested, distilled, bottled, everything has to happen in Mexico – a lot like Kentucky bourbon.  It just so happens to be where I live and where I run the company.  I’m actually proud to be a part of bourbon country, educating people about tequila.  I think they’re so similar in the way they should be enjoyed, and in the way that they’re aged, in the care that people take to make them, and how the region around them protects the product.  It can’t say “Kentucky Bourbon” if it ain’t from Kentucky…and yes, I just said ain’t.




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