Review: Diarrhea Planet @ Zanzabar


Diarrhea Planet the best band with the worst name on the planet, crushed Zanzabar last night.  Their concise set shot off full throttle with a healthy dose of punk rock “I don’t give a eff attitude” all the way through the bitter end.

Their four guitar assault had people literally hanging from the ceiling, including guitarist Brent Toler, who was hanging upside down from the rafters playing his guitar solo upside down.  It was high energy madness in one of the city’s finest rock clubs.  The set last just under an hour, which generally seems short for a headlining set, but the band left nothing on-stage, by the end the crowd was so exhausted I don’t think they could’ve taken much more if they’d wanted to.

The band’s setlist included crowd favorites like:  “Kids,” “White Girls (student of the blues, part 1),” and “Emmet’s Vision.”

Local band Brenda opened the show with their percussive brand of garage rock that always makes for a  fun show.  Their songs are a stretch on the surreal that exist somewhere between early White Stripes and the mid-90’s genius of Yoko Ono.

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